ASHA is a Non-Government Voluntary Organization. It is a non-profit making one. ASHA was established 30 May, 1978 with like minded genuinely dedicated social workers from benign motives on its virtuous purpose of rendering social service activities. ASHA renders its selfless sincere services for the enlightenment, empowerment, capacity building and upliftment of the dalith / downtrodden oppressed and depressed and socio-economic backward / weaker sections. ASHA is exclusively works for women empowerment, freedom and development of the women. It also serves the cause of needy children, youth and aged persons without caste, creed and religion.

Legal Status Of Asha

  • Asha is a registered NGO under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860.Regd No:75/1978
  • Asha is registered under the FCR Act 1976 NO 010140266
  • Asha is Exempted from the payment of Income Tax U/Sec 12-a of I.T.Act 1961
Aims and Objective:

  • ASHA's nature is to serve food for the hungry.
  • To care the sick.
  • To provide skill development and employment / income generation occupations to the unemployed.
  • To impart education and awareness to the uneducated and unaware as education is the broadest basis of life.
  • To give self-confidence and courage to the coward and backward.
  • To work for the  human  rights  protection  and  promotion  of the oppressed daliths.
  • To protect and develop forestry, environment, natural and agricultural resources.
  • For the alleviation of the poverty and other grievances of the needy and distressed sections.
  • ASHA has its main focus on the rural, dalith and slum areas.
  • ASHA has been achieved sustainable and successful results in fertile and fruitful manner.

Vision and Mission of ASHA

Inspired by the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ found in the Holy Bible and the life he led in this world as a man, we established ASHA Organization to participate actively in the services to our fellow beings who are desperately in need of help. Knowing fully well the sufferings and difficulties of our Christians, downtrodden and living far below the poverty line, always remembering the verse "Love thy neighbour as thy self - St. Matt : 22:39, the mighty hand of our Lord enabled us to set up this society and we are grateful to God for the extension and expansion of our services in multifold.

ASHA is rendering services in the field of spiritual nourishment, social upliftment, economic development etc., especially among the Dalits (Harijans and Girijans who are considered to be untouchables, live far away from the main centre of the village) the poorest of the poor, handicapped persons, widows, orphans and those who suffer from physical disabilities. The main aim of ASHA is to identify and meet those who are desperately looking for help and provide assistance using our limited and available resources and develop them financially, socially, physically, spiritually and aim at the total development of those individuals and also with the intention to make them heirs of His Kingdom in accordance with the Bible.

Practical Hands (Helping hands) are better than mere words. We, being Christians, it is our responsibility to share the love of Christ with others, serve the poor and needy as Christ did, and be the witnesses to Christ. We are always being strengthened with the love of Christ, we believe in.

St. Matt. 25 : 40 says "Verily I say unto you, In as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me". With this as the main aim of ASHA, our sincere efforts are to extend a helping hand to the needy, thus make our lives fruitful.

ASHA is made to remember God's word in Psalms 41 : 1, 82 : 3, Proverbs 14 : 21, 19 : 17 and 22 : 9 and try to achieve better results in service to the humanity. To show love, kindness and sympathy to the poor, is a responsibility kept on our shoulders. Having experienced the Love of God, as the limbs of His body it is our duty to share the burdens of our neighbours as our God is sharing our sufferings. Thus, an opportunity is granted to us to prepare others as the heirs of His kingdom.

God has granted us intelligence, riches and blessings. It is a gift and thankful to God for 'what we are'. ASHA is making humble attempt to save the souls of unfortunate and to bring them to the feet of Jesus.

It is our sincere desire to shape our experiences with you and request you to be the partners of our service. It is our earnest desire and pray God for our services and seek your help, assistance and co-operation prayerfully and encourage us in all possible ways.



  • Member, Nehru Yuva Kendra, Chittoor, A.P. - An Autonomous Body under the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India.
  • Member, Confederation of NGOs of Rural India, New Delhi.
  • Member, RIOD - INDIA (National Network of NGOs on Drought and Desertification), Hyderabad.


  • Mrs. D. Ammulu Raju, President, ASHA, is given the 'Best Youth Award' in the district 2001-2002 of Chittoor by Nehru Yuva Kendra, an Autonomous Body under the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India.
  • ASHA received the 'Best Youth Club Award' for 2002-2003 by Nehru Yuva Kendra, an Autonomous Body under the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India.
  • Mrs. D. Ammulu Raju, President, ASHA, is honoured as one among the seventeen women who rendered district services in the constituency of Tirupati on the occasion of Women's Day - 08-03-2003.

Board Members

Name Designation Address

Ms. D.Ammulu Raju

President H.No.4/78, G.M. Street Renigunta - 517520 Chittoor Dist
Andhra Pradesh
Ms. K. Renuka Vice-President Chenga Reddy Palli
ST. Colony
Karkambadi (Post)
Renigunta - 517520
Chittoor Dist
Andhra Pradesh
Ms. G.Chinnamma Secretary Chaitnyapuram S.T.Colony
Karakambadi Post
Renigunta - 517520 Chittoor Dist
Andhra Pradesh
Ms. E.C. Ammulu Treasurer M.L.A. Street
Khajipet - 516203
Kadapa Dist
Andhra Pradesh
Ms. V. Lena Executive Community
Bugga Street
Renigunta 517 520
Chittoor Dist
Andhra Pradesh

Mr. Dariya Sandeep

Executive Community
H.No. 1/242,M.L.A. Street
Khajipeta - 516203 Kadapa Dist
Andhra Pradesh
Ms. P. Lakshmi Executive Community
Vinayakapuram Village Settipalli Post
Renigunta 517 520
Chittoor Dist
Andhra Pradesh
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